Happy Holi: BlackBerry adds color with new apps

BlackBerry today announced new apps to celebrate Holi, the festival of colours, on 17 March.

These special Holi apps on the BlackBerry world can help you with information on special recipes, games, memorable Holi songs, and a lot more. Most of these apps are free.

You can use Happy Holi app to wish your all relative and friends to get experience of holi festival by single touch. It is free.

Water Camera Effect, a free app, can be used to find underwater during Holi festival. “You might run out of water this Holi, but Water Camera certainly won’t. This simple app makes the viewfinder look as if it were underwater,” BlackBerry said.

The free Indian Sweets app is your one stop shop for all Indian sweet recipes.


The cost Cocktail Drinks app is Rs 150. You can get instant access to recipes for a range of drinks. Get all the info on ingredients, pouring and mixing directions to serve the perfect martini or cocktail.

Gaana app is also free. You can make your playlists or hear to your favorite playlists, and sync them across the web and your phone – search over 1 million songs for the one you love – whether it’s Hindi, English, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, and more.




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