Google Maps offers information on auto-rickshaws in Delhi


Google India announced that its Google Maps will offer information on auto-rickshaws to commuters in Delhi.

Commuters in Delhi can view suggested routes for the auto-rickshaw ride and the estimated auto-rickshaw fares.

Users can see the new feature within the public transport and cab modes in Google Maps. The feature is based on the expected trip route and the official fare model shared by the Delhi Traffic Police. The feature will be available in the Google Maps app on Android devices.

Users need to update Google Maps to the latest version (v.10.6), open the app, search for a destination, then tap on directions and go to the public transport tab to use the feature. Commuters will be able to see the auto-rickshaw result in the Also Consider section. After choosing the mode of transport (auto-rickshaw icon) on the screen, they will be able to see the estimated price of the journey and the route’s traffic information. Customers need to tap Navigate to start the trip.

Google Maps globally provides over a billion kilometres worth of transit results every day and has schedules for over 3 million public transit stops worldwide. Google Transit is a feature of Google Maps designed to help users plan public transport trips.