G Flex could be LG’s first curved smartphone

While Samsung is preparing itself to unveil a curved smartphone this month, LG is not that far away. Now you may be thinking about LG’s flexible display, which it showed off at SID 2013.

LG G Flex- will be LG’s first curved smartphone (maybe flexible), according to sources. The upcoming device will have a 6-inch plastic OLED display. Rumors suggest that G Flex will be powered by Snapdragon 800 processor and run on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

G Flex could be LG’s first curved smartphone

Samsung’s flexible smartphone (prototype) looks quite innovative and it lets you take a quick peek at messages and notifications.

LG introduced curved display tech back in May, when it came up with a curved 55-inch OLED TV and a 5-inch plastic OLED panel.

Earlier, many tales were floating across the web regarding LG’s rumored flexible phones –LG Z or LG Z1. First of all, regarding the name –LG wouldn’t name its new smartphone series –‘Z’, you know, these are Sony’s devices. Second, I think that using a flexible phone (a phone that can bend) for calling and gaming will be a nightmare for me.

Let’s see Samsung and LG battle to get their curved devices at the top and hope, we could see a bunch of teasers from both the smartphone giants.

Anand B


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