First impressions of HTC One (M8) – a new smartphone with better features

The Taiwanese smartphone vendor announced HTC One (M8) today. It has a new look and several improved features.

HTC One (M8) features Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with 2.5 GHz quad-core Krait CPUs and fully integrated 4G LTE, Android 4.4, KitKat, new HTC Sense 6, 5MP front camera, latest HTC BoomSound technology for better sound and improved battery.

HTC One (M8) has several new and improved features comparing with the earlier version of HTC One (M7).

The design and look of HTC One (M8) is attractive. Metal unibody will be the main attraction to some mobile phone users.

HTC has completely re-crafted the phone body to change the look of HTC One (M8). Its look is better than HTC One (M7).

The 5-inch full HD (1080p) display has thinner edges, with softer curves for a smooth, more natural grip.

HTC One (M8) comes with a Duo Camera that features HTC’s UltraPixel module, a dual color flash and full 1080p HD video recording. The Duo Camera has a depth sensor in addition to the main HTC UltraPixel module.

You may like to see 5 MP front camera that can capture selfies without troubles.

You can create portraits by altering the focus of your image after taking the photo with UFocus or make your subject stand out by altering the background with creative effects using Foregrounder. You can also give your best shots a seasonal flavor using the Seasons animations.

Copy & Paste feature enables you to place your family and friends in a different photo entirely, while Dimension Plus presents a new perspective on your photos by letting you view your image from a different angle by simply tilting the screen.

Camera autofocus operates at a speed of 300mseconds.

HTC One (M8) has integrated Slow Motion mode, which enable you to shoot HD slo-mo video and then edit that video so you can slow down the action at the part you want.

Motion Launch, a part of HTC Sense 6, can detect position and movement. A swipe will activate the device, Auto Answer allows you to answer a call by putting the phone to your ear without touching the screen.

You can extend Motion Launch by double tapping the dot view case, in addition to checking the time, weather, new texts, emails and calls – without touching or revealing the screen.

HTC One (M8) battery power lasts 40 percent longer. It will deliver 14 days’ worth of battery power, whilst still allowing you to receive calls, texts and emails.

Activated either manually or automatically, it delivers 60 hours of extra standby time at 20 percent power, 30 hours at 10 percent power and 15 hours at 5 percent power.

Sound will be 25 percent louder than the HTC One (M7). The HTC One (M8) has dual frontal stereo speakers with a new amplifier, redesigned speaker chambers and a tailored audio profile.


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