Dryft typing solutions for tablets to be unveiled soon

Dryft, a provider of typing solutions for tablets, will be unveiled soon. The product is in beta development and the company is actively seeking OEM customers, developers, and investors.

Dryft is promoted by promoters of Swype that offers typing solutions for smartphones.

The Menlo Park, California-based Dryft uses the touch sensors and the accelerometer sensor in the tablet to tell the difference between the user resting and typing. This dual sensor approach allows users to type faster and more naturally.


Dryft is the industry’s first dynamic keyboard that automatically forms the keys around the user’s fingers, eliminating the need to feel the keys.

Dryft is founded by Randy Marsden and Rob Chaplinsky. Randy is the original inventor and co-founder of Swype – the leading text entry system for Android smartphones with now over 400 million installations. They are joined by former Swype team.

“Swype set the standard for fast text input on smartphones. The need for effective text input on tablets is even greater, creating an incredible opportunity for Dryft,” said Randy Marsden, co-founder of Dryft.



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