CES 2014: ZTE Grand S II smartphone to have voice control technology

At CES 2014, ZTE announced the debut of new voice control technology for better hands-free operation of its latest smartphones.

The upcoming Grand S II flagship smartphone will have the new technology, which will include voice recognition unlocking, voice photography and an upgraded ZTE My-drive assistant.

ZTE in a statement said the voice recognition unlocking feature enables the Grand S II to recognize its owners’ voices and differentiate between them, and for its owners to unlock the phone with a simple voice command.


Users will be able to command the Grand S II to snap a photo using voice photography, making it easier than ever to take group photos and selfies.

My-drive features a higher voice recognition rate, reducing distraction while driving and enabling users to more accurately receive calls, listen to messages and play music via voice commands. Also, “do not disturb” mode allows drivers to focus on the road and automatically send incoming calls into voice mail or automatically reply to texts.

Grand S II also offers a host of high-precision audio features to enhance the user experience. With triple-MIC noise reduction for higher quality and clearer calls, users can expect the utmost in call performance in any environment. This model also features high-precision voice recording, Dolby sound effects and a professional BOX speaker to round out the sensational audio experience.



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