Blackberry Q10: 67% says NO to current price

Blackberry Q10 has received thumbs down to its current price of Rs 44,990.

67 percent of respondents to an online poll conducted by, the recently launched devices website from Kizhakedath Media Services, said it is not worth choosing the Blackberry Q10 smartphone at a price of Rs 44,990.

99 percent of respondents were from India. The online poll — Is it worth buying Blackberry Q10 at Rs 44,990? — was available on the home page Readers could submit only one vote from their devices.

Majority readers of, which completed one month with its beta run, are from the top 20 cities across the India. At present its unique readership stands at around Rs 50,000.

Blackberry Q10-hands-on

The poll, which was on for around 20 days, also assessed the interest of mobile phone users for other price brackets for choosing Blackberry Q10, the recently launched Qwerty phone in India.

19 percent said the Rs 30,000-35,000 is the best price.

2 percent said Rs 35,000-40,000 is the best price for Blackberry Q10.

In others column, majority respondents selected Rs 25,000-30,000 as their preferred price.

We will be adding more polls. Usually, polls will be on for 15-20 days. requests our readers to vote and share their responses.


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