Apple to announce new products on October 22

After the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c event, Apple definitely brightened everyone’s day. Now it is time for some new devices. Apple recently sent out press invites regarding an event to be held on 22 October in San Francisco. The invitation says –“We still have a lot to cover”.

No, don’t expect the next iPhone this year. If we take a quick look at all the rumors, you could expect refreshed iPad models, probably iPad 5 and Apple iPad Mini 2.

Apple to announce new products on October 22

While rumored cases and specs are out on the web, most of the people expect a fingerprint-scanner –as showcased on the iPhone 5s. Rumors also suggest that the upcoming iPads will be smaller and thinner.

Apple’s previous invitation showed a bunch of colored circles and we can now get the iPhone 5c in various colors. This time too, the invitation is decorated by colors –but no circles, it has leaves in it. Maybe the rumored iPads will be available in many colors.

Just a quick reminder- Nokia is also planning on October 22 in Dubai. Rumors suggest that six new devices including three Ashas, two phones and one tablet are going to be unveiled by Nokia.

If we are lucky, Apple could also announce its rumored smartwatch.

Jose Abraham


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