Apple products banned by Chinese government

Bloomberg reports that Apple products such as the iPad and Macbook are no longer on the approved list of products for government use in China due to security reasons.

Chinese government has only banned the purchases made by the local and central agencies. The ban does not apply to large enterprises or regional governments.

According to the Bloomberg report, the government released its procurement list in July which banned ten Apple products including Macbook laptops and versions of the iPad tablets. However, the ban did not include the Apple iPhone.

After US, China is Apple’s second largest market. The iPad sales in China grew 51 percent last quarter and the Macbook sales rose 39 percent during the last quarter. 16 percent of Apple’s total revenues in the last quarter came from sales to China. The ban can affect Apple’s sales.



The Chinese government previously banned the use of Windows 8 operating system and also removed the antivirus software from Kaspersky lab and Symantec from the approved list of purchases.

Apple faces ban in China

The list of approved suppliers will not be updated till January 2015 which implies that Apple is not authorized to sell for next six months to the costumers in the government.

The Chinese government has decide to limit the use of US technology following revelations by Edward Snowden last year that the National Security Agency (NSA) has gained access to many US technology companies to spy on their clients.

A Chinese researcher said in report that iPhone could collect data from the user and location-tracking software on iPhone could possess threat to the country’s security.

China announced in May that it would start examining its technology suppliers for possible national security vulnerabilities.

Pix source: abcnews.go


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