Apple iPhone 6 users complain about hair loss

Some of the iPhone 6 smartphone users have complained about hair loss after using the phone for making voice calls.

Social media is abuzz with #HairGate after the #BendGate.

#BendGate was about the new bending capability of iPhone 6 Plus, the largest smartphone from Apple.

Several media reports said owners of the new Apple gadget have said when they make a phone call – it is ripping out their hair.

iPhone 6 users claim that the seam between the aluminium and glass screen is catching hairs and tearing them out. Twitter users have posted several comments about their bad experience from iPhone 6.

The new allegations have also prompted a number of hoax adverts, suggesting the phone is good for shaving a woman’s legs and trimming a man’s facial hair.

Others have said the phone has it all and can save you money on going to the hairdressers.

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iPhone 6 bending issue

Earlier this month, the American devices giant was forced to respond to complaints the phones were bending. At least 9 mobile customers of Apple complained about iPhone 6 Plus bending issue. Apple promised that they will get a new phone or refund after using iPhone 6 for their own testing.

Despite the challenging situation, iPhone 6 received more than 4 million pre-orders in China.

Earlier, Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller said: “With normal use, a bend in iPhone is extremely rare and through our first six days of sale, a total of nine customers have contacted Apple with a bent iPhone 6 Plus.”

Apple said its iPhones feature stainless steel and titanium inserts to reinforce high-stress locations and use the strongest glass in the smartphone industry.

According to an article in DailyMail UK, the only way an iPhone may have bent is if someone put it in their back pocket and sat on the phone for a very long time, said Laban Roomes, chief executive officer of Goldgenie, which customizes and gold plates iPhones.

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