Apple iPhone 6 launch plan faces screen related challenges?

A Reuters report says the much talked Apple iPhone 6 launch on 9 September is facing screen related challenges.

“Suppliers to Apple are scrambling to get enough screens ready for the new iPhone 6 smartphone as the need to redesign a key component disrupted panel production ahead of next month’s expected launch,”  said Reuters report on iPhone 6.

At present, there is less clarity on whether the redesign issue could delay the launch of iPhone 6 or limit the number of smartphones initially available to consumers.

Apple retail store

Apple readies larger-screen iPhones for the year-end shopping season amid market share loss to cheaper rivals.

Quoting supply chain sources, the report said that the issue highlights challenges that global suppliers face to meet Apple’s tough specifications, and comes on the heels of a separate screen technology problem, since resolved, in making thinner screens for the larger iPhone 6 model.

Cupertino, California-based Apple is likely to introduce the new iPhone 6 with both 4.7 inch (11.94 cm) and 5.5 inch (13.97 cm) screens – bigger than the 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5s and 5c.

Meanwhile, Apple is facing copy cats. A recent analyst report said the new Xiaomi Mi 4 Android phone looks like an iPhone. Apple’s sales in emerging telecom markets will feel the pain of cheap iPhone-like Android handsets from Xiaomi. Apple’s long-term growth in China and other BRIC markets such as India and Russia will likely improve if Xiaomi is prevented from copying the iPhone and iPad, the report said.

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