AndroidLand, a fun space, for smartphone users

AndroidLand, a fun land, is meant for smartphone users. It showcases Android devices, services and accessories.

But the beauty is that these beautifully designed shops will have products – both tablets and smartphones — from Spice, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Lenovo, Xolo, Micromax, Karbonn, LG, etc.

AndroidLand stores opened on Wednesday in Bangalore and Noida-Delhi NCR.


Spice Mobility, which has a chain of 650+ stores across India, is the brain behind AndroidLand.

These first of its kind multi-location stores will offer Android experiences created for its customers and will showcase a comprehensive range of Android devices, services and accessories.

Dilip Modi, co-founder and group CEO, Spice Global, expressed confidence, saying: “Customers will love the fun and engaging store concept that we developed in collaboration with Google.”

For mobile customers

AndroidLand has an open plan design that inspires customers to discover the fun world of Android. Customers are encouraged to interact with the displays and devices and to take photographs with the Android robots.

These showrooms offer a variety of live Android smartphones and tablets that customers can play with along with a selection of accessories.

Google Play store is an exclusive area showcasing the most popular apps and games from Google Play. Customers can choose to search and download multiple applications from Google Play on the spot.

You will get the right advice. AndroidLand store staff have been trained on the Android platform and will be able to help customers select the device that’s right for them and then set-up, customize and provide apps recommendations.

Free Wi-Fi in store for visitors to browse the Internet from the live units is another value addition.

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