Amazon’s smartphone with 3D display to hit stores in September?

Amazon is preparing to launch the much-awaited 3D smartphone in the second half of the year, says a report from the Wall Street Journal.

The e-commerce company plans to launch the device in June and ship to stores towards the end of September, WSJ said citing sources from the company.

Amazon’s entry to smartphone market is watched with excitement thanks to the competition and innovation happening in the device market. Worldwide smartphone market is hyper active. Leading players like Apple and Samsung are facing tough competition from late entrants like Lenovo and Huawei. Meanwhile local players are vying for their share of pie in smartphone sales.

Innovation is the key to survive in personal gadget market. With its hallmark design and timely innovation Apple has been trying to retain its customer base. Yet the latest iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C failed to impress a large chunk of its customers. The market recently also saw the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 as a direct competition to iPhone 5S. The new Samsung Galaxy S5 is just launched in India for Rs 51500.

To beat Apple and Samsung, Amazon smartphone has to be innovative and price competitive. If reports are to believe, Amazon is planning to introduce the smartphone with 3D vision capability that allows users to view the pictures in 3D form without the help of special glasses.

The smartphone, according to company sources, will also use eye-tracking technology, which means you could look at the screen from multiple angles without losing the 3D illusion.  It will also allows users to navigate through content using just their eyes.

With considerable expertise in devices, Amazon is likely to offer tough competition to incumbent smartphone leaders. Amazon Kindle and Fire tablets have greatly helped the company earn 7.6 percent of the tablet market share in 4Q13, behind only Apple and Samsung.



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