Adaptxt 3.0 smart keyboard app in beta launched

Adaptxt 3.0 smart keyboard app is now available in beta.

Adaptxt 3.0 understands what users are typing, and identifies the location of the user and what application they are running to provide more accurate and contextual word predictions.

With over one million downloads, Adaptxt’s new features and improvements are based on requests and useful suggestions from users.

Adaptxt is now the first keyboard where users are able to set preferred locations on their device or turn on auto-location, allowing the built-in Adaptxt dictionary to populate nearby street names, landmarks and relevant addresses.


Using the localization feature, the ongoing frustration with autocorrect is significantly reduced, as it predicts and suggests names and words associated with the user’s location.

Sumit Goswami, CEO at KeyPoint Technologies, said: “Our users will save even more keystrokes as Adaptxt intuitively provides location and app-based word suggestions while also silently updating their phone’s dictionary to include recent trends and buzzwords.”

Adaptxt is able to detect whether the user is having a casual conversation using WhatsApp or drafting something formal in Gmail and adjust its word predictions accordingly.

Other keyboard enhancements include 14 new languages, five specialized dictionaries and two embedded themes, in addition to missing space corrections, automatic backup of personal dictionary and new customization options, all based on relevant user feedback.

The Adaptxt 3.0 is available now by joining its Google+ community and clicking on the download beta link on the community page.


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