Only 15% Indians believe future devices will be iOS or Android: McAfee survey

Only 15 percent Indians believe that the devices of the future will be iOS or Android, said a survey by McAfee, part of Intel Security.

Indians believe they will individually have approximately 5 digital devices in 2025 as compared to an average of 3 today with the household average being 4.

The most common devices in 2025 will be the smartphone (77 percent), smart watches (75 percent), tablets (67 percent), laptops (63 percent) and connected appliances (59 percent).

The online survey — conducted from August 1 – August 12, 2014 — was done by MSI Research among 1002 Indian citizens ages 21 to 65, comprising 523 male and 479 female respondents.

The phone people will be using in 2025 will be one with touch and smell capabilities according to 44 percent of Indians.

Tablet user

54 percent think that they will be unlocking their mobile devices by eye scan in 2025 followed by thumbprint (19 percent) or voice activation (18 percent). Only 9 percent think that the device will still be unlocked by passcode which is amongst the most popular methods today.

98 percent want to put more effort into protecting their digital assets in the future.

83 percent believe that in 2025 people will own a wearable device that sends vitals directly to a physician, saving themselves a visit to a doctor’s office.

93 percent are convinced that home security will be connected to their mobile device in 2025.

31 percent think they will be working from a home office in 2025.

43 percent of Indians believe that in 2025 they will access work data through facial or voice recognition.

80 percent are concerned that their online persona will impact their ability to advance in the workplace.

While concern is high around cyber security (90 percent), identity theft, monetary theft and/or fraud are the biggest concerns (47 percent), followed by privacy violations (28 percent).


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