Moto G deal: 70% discount on shells, free to 100 lucky winners

Moto G smartphone, announced on Wednesday without much excitement, is coming with a new set of freebies.

Users in India can buy Moto G smartphone today and get 70 percent discount on original Moto G shells along with the phone.

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In addition, Flipkart, an online portal, will offer a chance to own the smartphone free cost of cost to 100 lucky winners today.

On Wednesday, Motorola Mobility, the makers of Moto G, said the smartphone will not be available with Android 4.4 KitKat OS for the time. However, the company will ensure that its Indian users are getting an update soon.

Also, the company has 100 service centers to serve the needs of Moto G smartphone users. The other important point is that Flipkart has presence in 100 cities / towns and the phone will not be available in retail shops.

Though Snapdeal is selling Moto G smartphone, Flipkart is the exclusive distributor in India.

Moto G comes with special offers

Moto G smartphone specifications

1.2 GHz A7 Quad Core Processor with 1 GB RAM

HD Recording

Dual SIM (GSM + GSM)

4.5-inch Touchscreen

Internal Memory: 8 GB

5 MP Primary Camera and 1.3 MP Secondary Camera

Wi-Fi Enabled

Android (Jelly Bean) 4.3 OS

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