Loan for Xiaomi smartphones in 10 minutes with ‘Mi Credit’

Chinese tech company Xiaomi has made a strong base in India with its budget smartphones.

The company now launches ‘Mi Credit’ service that helps users with instant financial lending in India.

‘Mi Credit’ is launched in partnership with KreditBee, a loan platform for young professionals. The loan can be initiated within 10 minutes with a simple KYC verification.

Manu Jain, vice president, Xiaomi and managing director, Xiaomi India, says that Xiaomi provides Internet services to its users so that they can experience the best MIUI functions like content, entertainment, financial services and productivity tools.

He also added that Mi Credit will be a big step in bringing Internet service to India and it will truly be beneficial to their users. This is the third time where Xiaomi has launched a value-added product in India;before this they had launched Mi Music and Mi Video in May 2018.

For Mi Credit, Loan providers are listed on the platform and this helps the Xiaomi users to apply for a quick loan. At present this service is only available for MIUI users KreditBee is offering loans from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,00,000.

Shailesh Sharma



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