Latest price of Sony Xperia phones in India

Sony has revealed the latest price of Xperia smartphones in India. These are the prices at retail stores, while online price may be different.

Xperia Z Ultra is available at a price of Rs 45,890.Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Tablet Z is Rs 45,890.

This means, Xperia’s largest smartphone and latest tablet have the same price.

Xperia ZR comes at a price of Rs 30,590.

Xperia SP has been priced at Rs 25,490.

The latest price of Xperia L is Rs 17,840.

Xperia J is available at a price of Rs 14,780.

Sony has priced Xperia U at Rs 13,250.

Xperia E comes at a price of Rs 10,490.

Sony is also offering 6-12 months EMI options.

Meanwhile, Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL come with Rs 5,000 exchange discount, Sony announced earlier.


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