HTC One gets cheaper at Rs 39,750

HTC One, which was launched for Rs 42,900 on May 29, is available at 7 percent discount at Snapdeal. It costs Rs 39,750 now. The e-commerce site is also providing the new smartphone at 6 months EMI option – Rs 6,625 and 3 months EMI – Rs 13,250.

However, the price of HTC One at Flipkart, rival of, remains at Rs 42,900.

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez is the brand ambassador of HTC One.

Jacqueline Fernandez HTC One price

HTC One’s main specs

  • Qualcomm APQ8064T Snapdragon 600
  • Quad-core CPU
  • 4 MP primary and 2.1 MP secondary camera
  • Android Jellybean 4.1.2


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