Google Glass Explorer to be available online for $1,500 from April 15

Google is all set to sell its Google Glass Explorer to a large customer base in the U.S through its online store beginning April 15.

Customers who place an online order for the device will have to pay $1,500, the same price the company charged for Glass since the sale of the device began last year.

This is the first time Google is offering the product to a general customer base. So far Google has sold more than 10,000 sets of Glass to a select group of developers, special invitees and winners of various contests.

Google Glass Explorer

Google will announce more updates for the product later this year, Google said in a statement earlier this year. If market rumors are to believe, the mass-market version will cost less than $1,500.

Google Glass looks like a pair of spectacles, but without any glass on the frame. Instead it has a small screen attached above the right eye that displays all info such as email, social posts and directions and maps. Google Glass can also take photos and videos through voice commands.

While geeks hail Google Glass as the next big breakthrough in gadget marketplace, authorities are a bit worried about the safety concerns it could bring to society. Some of its features—for example, the ability to take photos and record videos stealthily— are likely to create uproar among a section of the society.

Many casinos, bars and theaters have already expressed concerns about the use of the product in their premises. Law enforcement agencies are closely watching the development and taking proactive measures to forbid the use of Google Glass on roads and other places where safety concerns may arise.



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