BlackBerry Q10 gold and white special edition priced at Rs 63,000 in UAE

BlackBerry Q10 gold and white special edition is now available for mobile customers in the UAE. The special edition Q10 smartphone is currently priced at AED 3,799 (approximately USD 1,000).

The special edition BlackBerry Q10 smartphone will be available in white with a gold colored stainless steel frame.

Gold-accented headset and protective leather sleeve is also part of the new edition.BlackBerry Q10 gold and white special edition available in UAE

The special edition smartphone will also feature an exclusive range of unique BlackBerry PIN numbers, BlackBerry said on Monday.

The 3.1-inch BlackBerry Q10 smartphone runs on the BlackBerry 10 operating system.

BlackBerry Q10 Special Edition smartphone will be available at the official BlackBerry retail store in Dubai Mall beginning August 19.



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