Apple iPhone 5c available through Rs 13,000 exchange offer in India

Smartphone vendor Apple has kicked off an exchange program to boost sale of iPhone 5c – 16GB and 32GB models —  and iPhone 4S (8GB model) in India.

The device major is offering minimum discount of Rs 13,000 for its three-year-old iPhone 4 if users buy the newly launched iPhone 5C (16GB and 32GB variants) or two generation old iPhone 4S (8GB model).

Apple, in an advertisement in a select media in India, said that the buyback offer entails a minimum discount of Rs 13,000 and newer smartphones will reportedly fetch higher value, depending on their condition.

Despite media hype, Apple is not finding enough takers for its smartphones in India due to high cost. Recently, Gartner said Apple iPhone 5c is too costly for Indian phone buyers.


It seems the exchange program is one of the latest efforts to find buyers for the “cost effective” iPhone 5c. Recently, foreign media reported that Apple may completely stop production of iPhone 5c at Foxconn’s factory in Zhengzhou, northern China. This plant will be used for manufacturing iPhone 5s, which has been in short supply since the two models launched.

Following the exchange offer, the effective price of the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 5C models will be Rs 28,900 and Rs 40,500 respectively, while iPhone 4S will be available for Rs 18,500. The official price of the iPhone 5C 16GB and 32GB variants is Rs 41,900 and Rs 53,500, whereas iPhone 4S is priced at Rs 31,500.

Apple is also giving cashback of 5 percent on select credit cards.


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