Apple iPhone 4S available for Rs 26,500 with buyback offer

Apple iPhone 4S is now available for Rs 26,500 with a Rs 5,000 buyback offer in India.

All leading smartphones qualify for the buyback program. Phones should be in working condition with a charger.

The original price of Apple iPhone 4S is Rs 31,500.

Interestingly, the latest price of Apple iPhone 4S does not reflect the market demands. Recently, BlackBerry reduced price of its Qwerty phone on BB10 platform.

Apple iPhone 4S gets price cut with offer

The latest exchange program is aimed at enhancing Apple iPhone market share in India.

This is a limited period offer, Apple said in its advertisements in Indian media.

Earlier, media reports suggested that Apple iPhone 4 would be available for Rs 15,000 with an exchange program. However, the company is yet to announce the buyback offer for the old phone, which was withdrawn from the market earlier.

Anand B


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