Apple iPhone 4 (16GB) priced at Rs 23,800 after buy back offer

Apple iPhone 4 (16GB) is now available at a price of Rs 23,800 after buy back offer.

The smartphone maker is offering a minimum buy back offer of Rs 8,000 in India.

The official price of Apple iPhone 4 (16GB) is Rs 31,800.

The effective price of Apple iPhone 4 (8GB) is Rs 20,500 as the company offers buy back offer of Rs 6,000.

Apple iPhone 4 (8GB) is priced officially at Rs 26,500.


There is also zero interest 6 months EMI options from Apple.

If the users are selecting EMI options, the monthly payment for Apple iPhone 4 (16GB) will be Rs 3,967 and Rs 3,417 for Apple iPhone 4 (8GB).

For comparison, the price of iPhone 5 (16GB) is Rs 45,500.

Recently, Apple offered iPhone 4  to students for Rs 18,725 with buy back offer.

Earlier, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 were available with 10 percent cash back offer. The cash back offer was available on American Express Credit Cards. The validity of the offer was till 10 June, 2013.


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