CES 2016: Samsung unveils Laptops, wearables and home appliances

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Samsung has announced a horde of numerous products on the first official day of the CES 2016 event, held in Las Vegas. The products range from laptops, tablets, and wearables toTV’s and fridges.

The South Korean electronics conglomerate focused on three concepts: Internet of Things, mobile devices, and home consumer products.

Samsung revealed the 12-inch, Windows 10-powered tablet Galaxy TabPro S which comes with its own keyboard and cover. The device which is Samsung’s second TabPro-branded device, the first one being powered by Android, will be offering competition to Apple’s iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S
Samsung also announced two new laptops of the Samsung Notebook 9 series, available in 15-inch and 13.3-inch versions. With the main focus on weight and thinness, the 13.3-inch version weighs just 0.84kg (1.85 lbs) and is 13.4mm at its thickest, while the larger one comes in at 1.29kg (2.84 lbs) and is just 14.5mm.

In addition, Samsung also introduced a new Chromebook which uses Google’s cloud-focused Chrome OS just like Samsung’s previous Chromebooksthe difference being 11.5 hours of battery, compared to the 8.5 hours of the Chromebook 2.

Also, Samsung added two new colors for its Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch: gold and platinum, alongwith details regarding the timepiece, with support for iOS and Samsung Pay, its Apple Pay competitor, coming in 2016.

Samsung also revealed The Family Hub connected refrigerator with a 21.5-inch HD touchscreen on the door that can be used to shop online, watch TV, control music etc. With sensors that can detect and automatically order food that’s running low, the interior cameras help the user to view the contents of the fridge.

Samsung’s 2016 lineup of SUHD TVs will showcase quantum dot displays, and claims to be the “world’s first” bezel-less curved design. Its integration with the SmartThings Hub has resulted in control over more than 200 smart devices at the user’s home. Also, the TVs will have a universal remote for controlling all devices connected to it, including games consoles, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes.

Samsung also launched the HW-K950 Soundbar, a combo of three forward-facing speakers and two upward-facing ones which connect wirelessly to the subwoofer and rear speaker units. This is the company’s first speaker system to feature Dolby Atmos technology.

The launch was accompanied by the announcement of Samsung Media Square software that works with the TV to help connect multiple people in the same room for a shared big-screen experience.

Alongside these Samsung also announced early-stage products from Samsung C Lab, the creative section.

Rink, the“advanced hand-motion controller for mobile VR devices,” lets you control virtual reality content through your head-mounted display by just using your hands, eliminating the need to grip the device.

Also, Samsung’s Welt is a device that you wear around your waist like a belt. It can monitor waist size, eating habits, and steps taken, while suggesting a range of weight-management plans.

TipTalk lets the user listen to sounds from connected devices such as phones and smartwatches by touching the ear with the user’s finger. No headphones are required, but the TipTalk device has to be attached to the user’s watch strap.

Even though how much these products, especially the Fridge Hub, Welt and such will be a major driving force in development is still a question, Samsung did show an insight into the key trends of the moment.

Vina Krishnan