Microsoft Surface Phone: What to expect

Satya Nadella at Microsoft's Tech for Good, Ideas for India

Microsoft Surface Phone is one of the most anticipated flagship smartphones from Microsoft. The device is rumored for the past couple of years. According to Forbes, in 2016, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirmed that company is working on the “ultimate mobile device.” The phone might be named as Surface Phone. The Redmond based tech – giant is reported to file a number of interesting patents regarding the phone.

It is speculated that the Surface phone might come up with the dual-screen front panel. The highlight of the phone could be its foldable design. The upcoming smartphone could be powered by Andromeda operating system. There is still a lot to confirm regarding the device including the official release date and the prices.

It is worth noting that last year Google launched Pixel flagship to enter the flagship smartphone market while Microsoft has no device in this segment. The high-end handset market is heavily dominated by Samsung and Apple. It can be assumed that if Surface Phone comes it will have competition with iPhone, Galaxy S series, and Pixel series smartphones.

The interesting fact is that Microsoft employees were seen using Apple products including company’s design head, Joe Belfiore. Bill Gates has an Android phone with Windows’ functionalities. Earlier, one of the company’s heads Dona Sarkar reported to holding an unidentified smartphone at the Ignite 2017 conference. Later, it turns out to be her phone case.

Shailesh Sharma