MapmyIndia Connect device priced at Rs 12,990

Digital maps and GPS navigation vendor MapmyIndia on Wednesday launched MapmyIndia Connect  device that enables users to mirror their smartphone/tablet screen to the screen of their choice.

There’s no need for a wired connection. Users can play games, use apps, view movies loaded on to your smartphone or surf the net on a 40’/50’ LED/LCD screen.

Anyone in the car who has a MapmyIndia Maps application can share this with the Car AV system and reach the destination or explore new places and points of interest nearby.

MapmyIndia Connect priced at Rs 12,990

The price of MapmyIndia Connect is Rs 12,990. The device streams the smartphone content through Wi-Fi. The device can be connected through AV cable or Micro USB. Even though the user has a TV which does not have a USB port, the device can connect with AV cable.  MapmyIndia Connect is compatible with all popular audio, video and image formats.

The MapmyIndia Connect Box comes with USB-Micro USB Cable, DLNA-MIRACAST convert Switch, Wi-Fi Antenna, Wi-Fi/ RCA/ Power Cable.


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