PCs with pirated Microsoft software bring malware too

A Microsoft sweep of PC test revealed that more than four in five (83 percent) brand new PCs in targeted countries in Asia are loaded with pirated software.

The PC samples selected were purchased from retailers that offered PCs at much lower cost and free software bundles. In many cases, these retailers also sold pirated software at their store.

Microsoft’s Asia PC Test Purchase Sweep provides insights on the prevalence of new PCs loaded with pirated software.

One of the most common practices for vendors installing pirated software on new PCs is to turn off the security features, such as anti-virus software and Windows Defender as doing this allows them to run the hack-tools to activate the pirated software.

The sweep uncovered that 84 percent of the PCs loaded with pirated software were infected with malware. The most common malware are Trojans and viruses.

Customers buy PCs with special deals which are cheap and come with free software, not realizing the risks. They may not realize that the security features of their PCs are turned off and may fail to spot suspicious activities on their devices.

Many of these infected PCs’ users are susceptible to data loss, including personal documents and sensitive information such as passwords and banking details, as well as identity theft where they lose control of their social media and email accounts. 


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