Lenovo ThinkPad W540 workstation powers Landmark DecisionSpace

Lenovo today said its ThinkPad W540 mobile workstation will power Landmark’s DecisionSpace G1 Edition solution for geoscientists.

As per the IT deal announced at the SEG International Exposition and 84th Annual Meeting, Lenovo mobile workstation W540, which is powered by the latest Intel Quad Core i7 processors, will enable Landmark users to perform resource-intensive geoscience workflows.

Unique capabilities of DecisionSpace G1 Edition for geoscientists include integrated earth modeling, horizontal well correlation, attribute analysis, well-tie workflow, velocity modeling, and dynamic depth conversion.

ThinkPad W540 from LenovoThanks to Lenovo workstation, which has up to 32 GB of memory and graphics processing capability supported by NVIDIA Quadro graphics with Optimus 2D and 3D content creation, users can interpret multiple seismic surveys to target sweet spots and locate new or bypassed pay.

“The Lenovo ThinkPad W540 is designed for the professional user – namely, those users who must be completely mobile without compromising their ability to perform the tasks required of them,” said Christopher McCoy, vertical solutions, energy, oil and gas, Lenovo.

Recently, Lenovo announced the launch of the Lenovo ThinkStation P Series.

Pix source: Lenovo

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