Lenovo releases automated tool to remove Superfish software

Lenovo has released an automated tool to assist its consumer laptop users to remove the Superfish software to avoid security risks.

The automated tool is in addition to the manual removal instructions currently available online.

Lenovo is also working with McAfee and Microsoft to quarantine and remove the Superfish software and certificate — using their tools and technologies. These actions will automatically fix the vulnerability even for users who are not currently aware of the problem from Superfish software that was installed by Lenovo to improve customer experience.

“We already ordered Superfish preloads to stop and shut down server connections in January based on user complaints about the experience.  However, we did not know about this potential security vulnerability until yesterday,” said Lenovo.

Lenovo said the Superfish software does not impacts its ThinkPads, tablets, desktops, smartphones and enterprise server or storage device.



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