Ashton Kutcher and Lenovo launch videos for consumers

Ashton Kutcher, the product engineer for Lenovo announced that he is launching a series of original product content videos. It is to understand user feedback regarding Lenovo’s popular Yoga Tablet.

Ashton Kutcher believes in moving beyond his role of tech-investor, in order to lead the way in technological advances with the development of the Yoga Tablet.

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“One of things that we’re doing with Lenovo is realizing how important it is for us as a company to listen to our consumers and listen to our users and we’re going to do our best to uphold our side of the agreement,” says Kutcher.

Kutcher will feature as a focus group mediator in each of the four videos, who is dedicated to listening to consumer feedback on unique tablet elements for three different generations of Yoga Tablet users: Kids, Elders and Entrepreneurs.

The video highlights key tablet features custom to that generation’s lifestyle, while also receiving consumer feedback on the existing product and how it can be improved and more user friendly.

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The Kids video shows Kutcher entering a room of elementary school-aged children. Through Kutcher’s playful battle with attempting to get the children’s attention, his focus group narrows down the kids’ interests towards games.

The other two videos aimed at Elders and Entrepreneurs will be out within the next two weeks on the Lenovo’s official YouTube page.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet has a kickstand on the side of the tablet offering three unique usage modes and allows the user to hold, stand or tilt the tablet.

Its cylindrical handle allows users to easily hold the tablet. Users can also deploy the stand to sit it upright on a surface for watching videos or tilt the tablet down on a surface for a better viewing angle for touch screen typing and reading.

Unlike other tablets, the Yoga tablet hass a battery life of 18 hours and the speakers offer quality sound.






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