Apple: Most of Mac computers are free from Shellshock computer bug

Apple on Saturday said the vast majority of Mac computer users are not at risk from the recently identified Shellshock computer bug.

The American device vendor said its computers are not vulnerable to remote attacks unless users configure them for advanced Unix services.

Apple is working to quickly provide a software update for advanced UNIX users.

Earlier, security experts have warned that Shellshock computer bug will affect operating systems including Mac’s OS X.

“The vast majority of OS X users are not at risk,” said Apple spokesman Bill Evans said.

Shellshock is a vulnerability in Bash — a piece of software packaged with Mac OS X — which is based on the Unix operating system. The bug does not appear to affect Apple’s iOS, which is used on the iPhone and iPad, or machines running Microsoft Windows software.

Reuters reported that security experts disclosed the Shellshock vulnerability in Bash, saying that it could enable attackers to gain remote control of vulnerable systems.

Mac computer

Meanwhile, the computer industry is rushing to determine which systems can be remotely compromised by hackers.

A group of top US financial regulators urged banks to quickly fix their software to protect it against the Shellshock computer bug, saying it could expose them to fraud.

Shellshock, a newly emerged major Internet threat that affects a common software tool found in many operating systems known as Bash, or Bourne-again Shell, could be a bigger threat.

While Heartbleed could be used to do things like steal passwords from a server, Shellshock can be used to take over the entire machine. Heartbleed went unnoticed for two years and affected an estimated 500,000 machines, but Shellshock was not discovered for 22 years.


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