Demi Lovato’s illness forces her to stop future tours

Pop star Demi Lovato recently confirmed on her Instagram stories that she’s sick and her upcoming Holy Fvck Tour will be her last. Though Lovato isn’t known for sharing a lot of information, she did say that she had been “sick for quite some time” and has been feeling very weak. The singer has also recently spoken out against the disrespect towards extraterrestrials, but we can’t really be sure what’s going on with her.

The singer’s illness has taken its toll on her life. She has opened up about undergoing self-mutilation, including cutting her wrists to cope with negative feelings. She first struggled with anorexia and body image concerns when she was younger. Bullies called her “fat” and she began self-destructing to cope with her problems. Later, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was forced to go into treatment.

Sadly, her illness has taken its toll on her career. Despite her efforts to make a comeback, her current tour is likely her last. Demi Lovato’s openness about her illness has helped create a better awareness of mental health issues among young women. It may also remove the stigma surrounding such illnesses. By exposing her health struggles to the public, she is also making it easier for others to recognize them in their friends.

Since undergoing a backstage meltdown, Demi has sought treatment for her mental illness. She spent three months in rehab in November 2010 and says that she is still working on her emotional management. She has since learned how to deal with her emotions in a positive manner and says that her current tour will be her last.

The singer is now unable to perform live after the accident, and is focusing on recovery. The injury has left her legally blind and has affected her vision centers at the back of her brain. Her younger sister, meanwhile, sat beside her in the hospital, asking questions. In the hospital, Lovato was legally blind when she awoke.

It’s not clear what exactly caused Demi Lovato’s recent illness, but she did tell fans on her Instagram Stories that she is not planning on doing any more tours. She did not elaborate on the details of her illness, but she has been very open about her struggles with substance abuse and an eating disorder.

The singer also said she’s a recovering addict and had banned her team from using drugs. She’s reportedly taken heroin and other hard drugs. Her illness has taken a toll on her body and her career. Lovato’s current tour starts February 9 in Vancouver and will end on May 17 in Monterrey, Mexico.

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