Tips to protect Android phone and tablet

Google announced — in a blog post on Friday — announced a couple of tips to protect Android smartphones and tablets.

Lock your device screen

Google says whether you’re on a phone or a tablet, it’s easy to set up a screen lock.


According to Google, this is important to do in case your device gets left in the back of a car, or you’re worried about someone picking up your phone and scrolling through your stuff. You can lock your device with a pin, password, pattern (or even your face!) by going to Settings > Personal > Security > Screen Lock.

Protect from suspicious apps

Google says it automatically scans Google Play to block and remove harmful apps.

That makes Google Play the safest place to get Android apps. But Google Play can also help protect you even for apps you get elsewhere, like the web or a third-party app store.

The first time you start to install an app from an unknown source, a message will pop up asking if you’d like Google to scan the file to make sure it’s not harmful. Tap OK to let Google help protect you from harmful apps.


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