Microsoft updates Xbox One with new game sharing features

Microsoft has released a new update with a number of coveted features for the Xbox One. The update is released after receiving feedback from the users.

The update was released on August 17 and will be rolled out over the next few days.

Microsoft took ideas from the Xbox Feedback where players and Xbox owners can give suggestions, report bugs, or give feedback to Microsoft.

The new update will make game sharing experience between the users and their friends easy. The update will include mobile purchases, 3D Blu-ray support and a refined activity feed.

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New features of the update:

Mobile Purchase:

It is one the most requested feature on the Xbox feedback. This feature will allow the users to purchase games from their phones or their PC using Xbox SmartGlass or on the mobile version of, and the game will be automatically downloaded to the Xbox One instantly, if the Xbox One console is set to automatically take updates.

Add-on content of the games can also be purchased through this new feature of the update.

Activity Feed updates:

With the new changes in Activity Feeds, users can now view their friend’s activities with a single scrolling feed, which shows a list of games their friends have played or the media they viewed or listened to.

The new feature also allows user to like and comment on their friend’s feeds.

The users can share game clips or videos and other information through the feed. It can shared with friends, publically or privately as an attachment to a message.

The future SmartGlass update will have additional activity feed support.

Low battery notification:

A minor feature in the update, the controller will notify the users if the battery is running low.

A notification will pop up in case of a low battery.

Disable notification during video:

This feature is also added to the update after the requests of users in the Xbox Feedback.

Now the users will be able to turn off the notifications during video playback.

Enabling 3D Blu-Ray:

If a users is willing to use their Xbox as a Blu-Ray player, this feature will help them as the system supports 3D Blu-Ray discs.

The Blu-ray player app will enable 3D Blu-ray functionality on Xbox One.

Last seen time in friends list:

Users can now see when their friend was last online. For example, “Last seen 30m ago: Fifa 15.”

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