HP unveils Omen gaming portfolio with a range of accessories

HP Omen gaming portfolio launched in India with mixed reality headset & other accessories

HP has launched the Omen X gaming portfolio for the Indian market on March 15. The portfolio includes desktops, laptops, and other gaming accessories. Here is the list of the launched product under the portfolio with the price:

  • The OMEN X Compact Desktop with VR Backpack with the price tag of Rs 294,988.
  • The OMEN X desktop will be available from June 2018, starting at Rs. 449,999.
  • The OMEN X notebook is available from 20th March 2018 will cost Rs 210,990.
  • The HP Windows MR Headset is available now starting at Rs 51,187.
  • The OMEN Headset 800 is available at Rs 6,999.
  • The OMEN Mouse 600 is priced at INR 4,999.
  • The OMEN Steel Series Gaming Keyboard is available at INR 9,999.
  • The OMEN Steel Series Mouse pad comes with the price tag of Rs 2,199.
  • OMEN X Compact Desktop

One of the highlights of the launch was OMEN X compact desktop. The device features NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 with 17.3-inch FHD screen 4K resolution. It comes up with Intel 7th gen Core i5 or unlocked Core i7 CPU options and full 360-degree VR experience.

Shailesh Sharma




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