Does Wise report to IRS? Why use Wise to transfer money?


Wise is a UK-based IT service management company through which you can send money worldwide more efficiently. Like others, if you also wonder whether Wise reports to the IRS or the Internal Revenue Service, then go no further, as we have the answer.

Let’s dive into it!

Does Wise report to IRS?

Yes, according to US laws, Wise most likely reports a transaction over $10,000 to IRS. The bank or the financial service providers such as Wise involved in such a transaction are expected to report it to the CTR or the currency transaction report.

This applies to US citizens or someone accountable for US taxes.

When do I need to pay taxes for sending money to or from America?

  • If you send a large amount of money to America or receive it from there, you must abide by international money transfer laws.
  • This fund includes moving money from one account to another, inheriting a fortune, or sending or receiving a gift.
  • If the money exceeds 10,000 US dollars, you are expected to report it to the IRS, and missing to do so can lead to grave consequences.

Why should you send and receive money with Wise?

  • Wise offers a much cheaper alternative for you to send or receive money internationally. 
  • They also have mid-market exchange rates, and their transferring fees are much more affordable than a bank that might charge way more.
  • Wise also transfers faster than any bank, which can take two to three business days.
  • With Wise, you also get the option to handle 54 currencies and send payments to more than 80 countries. 



1. Does Transferwise count as a foreign account?

Your Transferwise or Wise account is a borderless account that the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority handles. But for US citizens and residents, it will be considered a foreign account.

2. Do I have to pay tax on money transferred from overseas to us?

One does not need to pay taxes if they are transferring money from their account to another of their account. But it might be taxed if you send money to someone else’s account or in case of an inheritance, gift, or capital gain. In the case of US citizens, they will have to report to IRS.

3. Who is behind Wise?

Kristo Käärmann is the founder and CEO of Wise, so he is the person who is behind Wise.

 Yes, Transferwise is legal. Transferwise or Wise is a money-transferring service provider through which you can send or receive money from around the world. They offer their services at the mid-market exchange rate, and their transparent fee structure is quite affordable compared to banks.

Wrapping It Up

Reporting to IRS has become necessary for every money transferring app if their consumer is a US citizen or falls under US tax laws. And even if they might not report it, the citizen must report it themselves.

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