Windows phone apps of the week

This week Windows has brought its user the apps that are addictive and interesting. With some new updates these apps have become more exciting for the users.

The new apps will attract the users addicted to social media, sports, online shopping or the users addicted to gaming.

Here are top 5 Windows apps of the week:


Facbook is the most popular source of social media in the world. It allows the users to connect with their friends and family and make new friends.

This week Windows provided an update for Facebook for the Windows phone users, that improves the performance of the app. The update also improves the video uploads and the new messenger support improves the messaging service.

NFL app

NFL Fantasy Football

The developers of this app have redeveloped the app from its core since the last version was criticized for having bugs such as not supporting double-wide tiles, the lockscreen or pinning.

Now with the new version of the app, the users can take advantage of the new features. All the bugs from previous version are removed. The player details will be also added once the NFL season starts.


Viber is a messaging and calling service app that is commonly used by Windows phone users.

The new update for the app will modify some features such as instant voice messages, a sticker menu, a new user interface and a improved call screen and two new languages are added (Persian and Bulgarian).

The app loads faster with the new update and the users can now enjoy the improved version. is the official Amazon app for the Indian market.

The new Amazon app is exclusively for the customers of India. This app allows the users to search through every product in stock.

The app is launched in India due to the extensive growth of customers from the country.

1941 Frozen Front

1941 Frozen front is a WWII combat game developed for the users intrested in mobile gaming.

The app is designed by keeping in mind the needs of the gamers. The users can play the game as Germany or as Russia on the wintery Soviet front.

The app provides some in game purchases and also gives information about the historical Soviet and German troops. It is a strategy game developed for Windows phone users.


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