Will Apple launch iPhone 6 on September 9?

Technology news website Re/code said that Apple has organized a media event on September 9. The event is related to the launch of iPhone 6, the latest addition to Apple’s smartphone portfolio. Apple usually launches iPhones in September.

There have been a lot of rumors about how Apple will introduce 4.7 inch and 5.5i nch models of the next-gen iPhone 6 in order to compete with Samsung Galaxy Phablets which sport a 5.7 inch display. Apple iPhone’s current models 5S and 5C have 4 inch displays.

Many other rumors surround the new iPhone include of all-metal designs for both models, as well as the possible introduction of new barometer, temperature and humidity sensors and support for near field communications (NFC).

Majority of Apple’s revenues come from the sales of the iPhone but it faces mounting pressure from manufacturers like Samsung. Apple will also face music from China due to ban on selling select range of Apple devices in the country.

Apple may start selling the iPhone in stores a week later of its launch. iOS is also likely to be launched at some point between the iPhone 6 announcement and its launch in stores.

Apple retail store

The rumors are solidifying that both model of iPhone 6 will not be launched together. Some reports suggest that Apple may be intentionally delaying the 5.5-inch version in order to give both devices their own place in the spotlight.

The Wall Street Journal reported in July that Apple has ordered up to 80 million iPhone 6 units from suppliers for 2014 which could turn out to be the company’s biggest iPhone launch yet.

Recode recently reported that Apple is also planning to launch the iWatch alongside iPhone. The site says that the watch will take full advantage of HealthKit and Health, Apple’s fitness and health management app introduced in iOS 8.

Pix source: Apple




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