Maxx Mobile prices 2600mAh portable charger at Rs 1,499

Maxx Mobile has priced its 2600mAh portable charger at Rs 1,499.

Maxx Mobile on Monday said its Smart Charger is powered by Samsung SDI.

The portable charger allows Indian mobile users to charge phone battery, anytime, anywhere.

Smart Charger helps to revitalize mobile phone with up to 12 extra hours of calling, 48 additional hours of music and 5 more hours of Wi-Fi.

portal charger

The portable phone charger will be especially useful in places such as rural India, where the availability of power is limited. Also, during summer season, cities like Delhi, Kochi and Kolkata faces significant power cuts.

The USB port, a part of the phone charger, can be used to charge smart phones, feature phones and other similar devices with rechargeable batteries.

Maxx Mobile is offering one-year full replacement warranty.

The company claims that charge can sustain for more than 90 days if not consumed.


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