Lemon’s Aspire A1 smartphone with Electromagnetic Pen for Rs 14,999

Lemon Mobiles has revealed the launch of a new smartphone with an Electromagnetic Pen for a price of Rs 14,999.

The new 3G smartphone with 5.3 inch IPS Display is launched under its Aspire A1 Series. Lemon Mobiles, a new player in the Indian smartphone market, claims that its existing P series has been successful.

The electromagnetic pen gives a paper like feel while writing. In addition, the electromagnetic pen can convert normal handwritten SMS as MMS, make meeting notes, and send handwritten emails.

The electromagnetic pen is more than a stylus, the company says.

For Rs 14,999, the new smartphone features Dual Core Processor 1 GHz and runs on Android 4.0 (ICS).

OGS display (Zero Air Gap) and QHD resolution (960×540) benefit Indian smartphone users.

Since the new smartphone offers 3G video calling and video chatting through VoIP, it will benefit 3G phone users. The company says the new smartphone in India works on HSPA+ offering upto  7.2Mb and HSUPA+ 5.6Mb.

8MP camera with auto focus and flash and 2 MP front camera can be seen in any other smartphones in this price range.

Lemon Mobile’s Aspire A1 Series also supports Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n, DLAN, Wi-Fi Hotspot, etc. So this can be suited for business professionals, who are on the move, as well.

Lemon Mobiles-Aspire A1 series

Lemon Mobile does not talk about the battery life of the 2500 mAh polymer battery.

For a price of Rs 14,999, the GPS-enabled phone offers a free 8GB card.

The phone looks like Sony Xperia range. But we cannot say that Aspire A1 Series is a copy of Sony Xperia series.



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