Kobo eReader price and specifications announced

Kobo, a provider of eReader, announced price and specifications of its devices at a press meet in Delhi on Thursday.

The company is also offering eReader at special prices during Diwali.

Kobo introduced four eReaders – Kobo Touch (priced at Rs 7,999), Kobo Glo (Rs 10,999), Kobo Arc (Rs 11,999) and Kobo Aura HD (Rs 13,999) in India.

Kobo eReaders are already in 1 or 2 positions in 10 of 15 markets in the world, said Wayne White, executive vice president & general manager, Kobo.

Kobo- Glo, Aura, Touch, AuraHD

The size of the eBook content market will be $10.6 billion by 2015.

Kobo will follow a local approach in India, aiming for leadership position. The demand for e-books is growing in India. Kobo eReaders support English language, which will be a big barrier for wider adoption.

According to a recent global survey, 93 percent respondents know about e-reading. 39 percent considers as digital reading as convenient option. 54 percent would read offer if they have an e-reader. 56 percent say they would prefer to read digital content.

Kobo will be available in retail locations across India through its partnerships with Crossword, WH Smith India and Croma Retail.

Indian readers will have access to Kobo’s eBookstore, featuring nearly 4 million titles across 68 languages including ninety-five percent of India’s bestselling content featuring work from top-selling Indian authors including Jhumpa Lahiri, Ramachandra Guha and Sachin Garg to international bestselling authors like Dan Brown, John Grisham and Lee Child.

Kobo products in India

Kobo Touch

Kobo Touch eReader is equipped with an anti-glare 6-inch Pearl E Ink touch screen that offers the closest experience to reading print on paper and is easy on the eyes – even in bright sunlight.

Kobo Glo

The front-lit Kobo Glo eReader offers the most even and adjustable ComfortLight technology to enable people to read anytime – day or night. The Kobo Glo uses E Ink technology, and its no-glare XGA high-resolution 6-inch E Ink screen provides an experience that is just like reading print on paper.

Kobo Arc

Kobo Arc is the 7-inch Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) tablet that can be used as an eReader.

Kobo Aura HD

At 265 dpi, the 6.8-inch Pearl E Ink touchscreen offers 30 percent more reading surface and the closest experience to print-on-paper. The device runs on 1GHz and 25 percent faster.



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