Jolla mobilizes $1.82 million during tablet campaign

Smartphone vendor Jolla today said it mobilized over $1.82 million in 21 days for its Jolla Tablet project.

13,000 contributors funded the Jolla Tablet, its crowd-sourcing project in the Indiegogo crowd-funding platform that ended on Wednesday December 10, 2014.

The company achieved the campaign’s target of $380,000 in two hours. Jolla ended up raising nearly five times the target, resulting in total contributions of over $1.82 million in 21 campaign days.

The Jolla Tablet campaign is the third biggest technology crowdfunding campaign coming outside the US. It is also the 11th largest campaign on Indiegogo ever.

Jolla tablet
Antti Saarnio, chairman of the Board of Jolla, said: “Involving fans and followers early through a crowdfunding campaign is a perfect way to launch a new product, and also to test the demand in advance.”

Jolla also recently closed its financing round B. After the B round, the company has so far raised €34 million financing.

Jolla is keen to partnering with digital content providers and e-commerce players. In many markets over half of the e-commerce revenue is coming from mobile already and 2/3 of mobile OS revenue will come from m-commerce in the near future. Jolla said Google’s ecosystem is not designed for e-commerce partners, and it will not easily transfer into such a platform.


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