iBall Slide 3G calling tablet with wireless FM priced at Rs 9,990

iBall has priced its iBall Slide 7334i, a 3G calling tablet with wireless FM, at Rs 9,990.

iBall’s new Slide 3G tablet with dual SIM functionalities runs on dual core Cortex A9 1GHz processor.


The new HD tablet with 1024×600 pixels features 1GB DDR3 RAM.

16GB flash memory is the main value addition. 32GB expandable memory is available via micro SD slot.


iBall says most tablets below Rs 10,000 offer 4GB built-in flash memory.

It is available with a built-in wire-free FM.


The new 3G tablet with calling facilities features Android Jelly Bean 4.1.

The new tablet comes with 3,000 mAh Lithium ion battery.

It is also built in with Bluetooth to connect the Bluetooth devices such as headsets, mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc.



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