Getting bored of Android?

Cupcake, Eclair, Honeycomb, Ice-Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean…… are some of the versions of the well known OS – Android. Do you think that its versions will have an end? They go on alphabetically and some say the next one is Key Lime Pie.

With 75 percent of all smartphones sold in Q1 2013 was Android powered, this OS overtook iOS and BlackBerry 10 some time ago. The main reason is – it’s free for handset vendors. The free OS from search engine giant Google is available with several mobile phone makers like Samsung, HTC, Micromax, Lava, Spice, etc.

Our readers have a question: What’s the difference between a smartphone worth Rs 40,000 and a smartphone priced Rs 10,000 (both are from same brand and run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean)?

The Rs 40,000 phone comes with an 8MP camera, while the low cost phone features 3MP camera. The main difference can be battery.

In some the occasions, the costly phone has more memory than the other. One’s screen is slightly bigger than its brother. Or you may find a gesture feature in a costly phone. Plus, it may be a water resistant phone. Phone makers, which are unable to innovate, do lots of gimmicks.

(The keyboard in Android Jelly Bean)

(The same-popular keys used in all the Android devices)

Do you expect the life of the phone to last for 5-10 years? Earlier, our TV sets lasted for 10-15 years. Do you expect warranty and guarantee for all components in the smartphone for at least 5 years?

Not really because our phone makers will not make false promises. They will continue with Android OS — that will be available with majority of phones in the world. If the OS, the heart of any phone, will be the same, the Indian mobile phone user will be forced to consume what the phone maker offers.

Android Robots

If it goes like this, the only difference will be the price.

I asked one of my friends – Do you like Android?

He answered – I miss the Java powered OSs and now I’m getting bored of Android. These days, every gizmo is powered by Android. Even some washing machines and refrigerators got Android.

His quote is meaningful – During this Android era, every brand using Android has lost its unique identity.

As a product reviewer, I think that companies could create their own OS or use an extra GUI (Graphical User Interface). For example, HTC uses the HTC Sense in some of its smartphones. They can fully customize Android as Amazon did with its Fire tablets.


(HTC Sense as seen on HTC One X)

Every smartphone maker should have an OS different from the other. Example – Apple uses iOS for iPads and iPhones; Blackberry uses BlackBerry 10 OS for the Z10 and Q10.

How is Android good for us?

The main reason is listed above- Its Free. That’s one of the reasons why we can get smartphones with this OS under Rs 5,000. The chip or processor is the other reason for the availability of cost effective phones.


You can do most of the things with your Android device. As I see, songs can’t be installed on iPhone 5 via USB. They are available on iTunes but are paid. But with Android, any file compatible with the device can be installed, whether it is songs, videos, games, etc.

(Installing paid apps and games for free via any method is probably illegal; we are not recommending this)

Android is an all-purpose OS. It can be used for business purposes, gaming, eBook reading, etc. I am not saying that Android is bad. Even my tech-life can get difficult without Android.


I am also getting bored of Android. I have four Android devices with me and they all feel the same. May be people want all their smartphones to be ruled by Android bots. Or each smartphone can have its own ruler.

Please write to me. Let us discuss in detail.

Anand B


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