Explore Windows travel apps for a happy trip

Windows brings its users some apps that assist them to manage their travels and plan their vacations.

These new Windows app helps the user to reach their travel destination with ease.

The users with the help of these apps can book flight or train tickets, search near restaurants or coffee shops or find nearest ATMs for money transactions.

Here are some Windows Travel Apps:


Through this app the users can book train tickets to their desired destination. This app is the easiest way for booking train tickets.

IRCTC is a user friendly app and is exclusively available on Windows platform.


The Skyscanner app helps the user to manage the whole trip. It provides information about the cheapest flight prices, hotel rates and bus/car bookings.

The apps have features like price charts and price calendars which help the user know when the prices are cheapest.

Travel apps

Local Search

The Local Search is a smart app that navigates the user to the nearest coffee shops. The app also gives direction to the nearest gas station according to user’s location.

The app is available on Windows platform and can be downloaded for free.

ATM Finder

The ATM finder app helps the user find the nearest ATM. This app is useful for the users in need of hard cash.

This app navigates the user and provides directions to multiple ATMs near to the user’s location. The app is user friendly.

The app is available for all Windows user and is free of cost.

Fun Travels Deals

The Fun Travels Deals app is like a personal advisor to the user, it gives detailed list of local attractions, restaurants, hotels, shopping areas, local hangouts and some offbeat places.

The app is useful for the users looking forward to discover new places around the city.

The app is easily available on all Windows platform and can be downloaded by all Windows users for free.

Pix source: wtj.co.uk



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