CES 2015: Toshiba launches adapter for iPhone, iPad, iPod

Toshiba has launched its TransferJet adapter for iOS 2 devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod at CES 2015.

Japan, followed by Europe, the Americas and Asia will be getting TransferJet adapter during Spring 2015.

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TransferJet, a wireless transfer technology, promises maximum data throughput of 375Mbps, while 100 MBytes of data can be transmitted in approximately three seconds.

Toshiba launches adapter for iPhone
Users can use TransferJet after attaching the adapter to Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod with a Lightning connector and downloading the iOS app from the App Store. Users can select the data file to be transferred on the screen of a mobile device and touch the device against the receiving device.

Toshiba has also launched a 2nd generation USB adapter for Windows OS, and a MicroUSB adapter module for Android OS.

The new adapters for the Android and Windows OS offer a 1.7 times faster transfer rate, 30 percent lower power consumption and 30 percent less volume than Toshiba’s previous models.



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