Buxsa launches Merlin smart watch for Rs 8,999 in India

Buxsa dot com has launched the Merlin smart watch for an initial price of Rs 8,999 in India.

It’s compatible with all Andorid smartphones unlike Samsung Galaxy Gear, which works with select Galaxy devices.

Merlin Smart Watch connects to your Smartphone wirelessly. It acts as a standalone phone when a SIM is inserted. You can now view missed calls, read text messages and browse contacts directly on the Smart Watch. It can play music and videos.

Buxsa launches Merlin smart watch for Rs 8,999 in India


Network : GSM850/1900MHz 900/1800MHz (GPRS) Display : 1.44 inch Touch Screen 128×128 Pixel
Ringtone type : Polyphonic (64 chords)
Vibration : yes
Phonebook : 500
Call records : yes
Card slot : MicroSD (T-Flash), up to 8GB
Connectivity : Bluetooth
Data transfer : USB cable/Bluetooth(voice stereo)
Messaging : SMS, MMS
User profiles : General, Meeting, Outdoor, Indoor, Headset, Bluetooth
Battery : 600mAh Li-ion battery



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