Apple, Microsoft, BlackBerry struggle to grow their OS share

Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry have struggled to grow their market share in the smartphone operating system (OS) market in Q3 2014.

Strategy Analytics today said Google Android grew OS market share to 83.6 percent from 81.4 percent, while Apple iOS share fell to 12.3 percent from 13.4 percent, Microsoft Windows OS decreased to 3.3 percent from 4.1 percent and BlackBerry dipped to 0.7 percent from 1 percent.

Shipment of Google Android smartphones grew to 268 million from 205.9 million, Apple iOS rose to 39.3 million from 33.8 million and Microsoft Windows OS increased to 10.5 million from 10.3 million, while BlackBerry fell to 2.3 million from 2.5 million.

OS smartphone share in Q3 2014

Strategy Analytics said the Google Android operating system captured a dominant 84 percent global market share, squeezing Apple iOS, Microsoft and BlackBerry.

BlackBerry’s global smartphone share has stayed flat at 1 percent in the past year, due to a lackluster range of BB10 devices.

Apple iOS lost one point of share to Android because of its limited presence at the lower end of the smartphone market.

Microsoft Windows Phone continued to struggle in China and Japan, and its global smartphone market share fell from 4 percent in Q3 2013 to 3 percent during Q3 2014.

Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics, said: “Android’s low-cost services and user-friendly software remain attractive to hardware makers, operators and consumers worldwide.”

The research report said challenges are emerging for Google. The Android OS platform is getting overcrowded with hundreds of hardware brands, Android smartphone prices are falling worldwide, and few Android device vendors make profits.

Global smartphone shipments grew 27 percent annually from 252.9 million units in Q3 2013 to 320.4 million in Q3 2014.

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