Apple iPhone 6 launch: what to expect today

Mobile device industry analysts are positive about the dominance of Apple in the wearables market in the future.

However, the industry is not 100 percent sure whether Apple would be launching a wearable on Tuesday or not.

Samsung is the current leader in smartwatch segment.

If Apple announces a wearable, it will fully launch – and dominate – the wearables market through 2015, said Forrester research.

Forrester data said 25 percent of US online adults anticipate purchasing a wearable device in the next year, and 42 percent are specifically interested in wearing it on their wrist – assuming it’s a service of interest, offered by a trusted brand.

America has already started witnessing long queue for buying new devices from Apple – which will be unveiling on 9 September. iPhone 6 launch will impact Samsung, which is struggling to bring new and innovative products.

Indian smartphone vendor Micromax, which will be launching a slew of innovative tablets this year in the country, is not seeing any strong market for wearables at present.

Micromax CEO Vineet Taneja said there’s no strong market for wearables in India and emerging telecom markets. “The wearable market does not exist at present.”

Forrester today said Apple will succeed where leading companies like Nike, LG, and Samsung have experienced spotty success. Those companies launched products. Apple will do what it does best and use its trusted relations with consumers and its second-to-none ecosystem and sell the wrist-based wearables category.

Google and Amazon are both positioned to ride Apple’s coat tails, thanks to their existing digital customer relationships, and will reduce Apple’s share of units sold to less than 50 percent during 2016.

Apple retail store

Apple wallet

Ovum analyst Analyst Denee Carrington says the success of Apple wallet will require more than an elegant user experience.

Apple’s mobile wallet in iPhone 6 must have a compelling merchant value proposition such as lowering operational costs or helping to drive more revenue. It is the merchants who will decide which wallets win in the digital payment wars.

Apple has been putting the pieces in place for a fully-fledged m-payments service for some time: Passbook, Touch ID biometrics, the iBeacon feature in iOS 7, the EasyPay feature in theApple App Store application.

It also has 800 million iTunes accounts on file, which is a huge base to leverage for m-payments and is potentially a significant revenue opportunity for Apple. It would also be logical for Apple to bring NFC into the m-payments equation.

If Apple is forming alliances with major card schemes and riding on contactless rails then embracing NFC is a pragmatic move. “We would expect Apple to prove highly effective at marketing NFC to consumers, creating awareness and excitement around NFC capabilities in a way others have so far failed to do. This is turn could help ignite merchant interest in NFC, that so far has remained cool due to lack of consumer uptake,” said Carrington.

All eyes will be in the U.S. for the iPhone 6 launch.

Baburajan K


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